The Attica suburban railway network is an integral part of the upgrading and extension of the Greek railways, part-financed by the European Communitys Structural Funds and intended to connect all major urban centres around Athens and large parts of the countryside. One major effect will be to bring the Eleftherios Venizelos airport and the harbour of Piraeus within easy reach of the inhabitants of Athens and the Attiki region. In modernising their public transport, the Greek authorities have taken care to integrate the  various elements. Thus, like the tramway, the modernised suburban railway will be linked to the metro, with the blue line of which it will even share 20 kms of track up to Athens Airport. Elsewhere there will be transfer points to both the red and the green lines of the Athens Metro. Future extensions of the suburban railway to the south-eastern Attica and east of the airport are being considered.

Athens aia Airport+-+Train+Station+4+-+Suburban+Train
George Trogias II Athens aia Airport+-+Train+Station+5+-+Suburban+Train+Quays
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Today is the net of the SUBURBUN-RAILWAY about 120km, until 2010 the net will be 281km.

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TA NEA 03-2008

The new Athens Suburban-Stations from Athens Central Station to Piraeus.

  • Ruf
  • Tavros
  • Rentis
  • Lefka

The Ultra-Cheap price for this route is only 70 Eurocent.

Present by the newspaper TA NEA 05/2008

ta nea 05 2008

Until 2014 will be constructed the new sections of the Athens- Suburban-Railway.
Kiato-Xilokastro 14km
Koropi-Lavrio 31km.
From Oinoi to Halkida is the double-lane under construction.

Present by the newspaper TA NEA 06/2008