12/2008 A2 Egnatia
until February 2009 will be the A2 Egnatia Motorway ready.
11/2008 Tram: Patra, Volos and Ioannina are the first Citys how get Tram-Lanes outside of Athens say the Tram A.E.
10/2008 OSE: The Regional Gouverment of Crete think about a Trainline in North-Crete.
05/2008 New Airport in Koopaida-Viotia under design, 100km north of Athens, this Airport will be construct for low-budget Airlines like Easyjet, Germanwings or Ryanair.
04/2008 A6 Attica Road: New 55 km will be constructed until 2013 in the East-Region of Athens (look under A6-Map) 15 km will construct as a Tunnel.
04/2008 A Larissa - Kozani: In the end of 2009 starts the construction of the Motorway Larissa-Kozani
04/2008 Suburban Railway Athens: Until 2014 will be open the Suburban-lane from Koropi to Lavrio 31 km.
   Until 2012 open to the Traffic the Part Kiato-Xilokastro 14km.
04/2008 A2: The next weeks will be open the Part from Dodoni to Arachthos with the Tunnels of Dodoni (3508m) and the Tunnel of Driskos (4574m).
other parts how will be open in this Summer to the Traffic on the A2: Neohori-Psilorahi, Ring-Skala.