Cyprus Road Conditions

When in the South, the roads vary in four scales: in descending order of quality, A, B, E, and F, as signed on maps and highways. 'A' roads are of the best quality, four-lane divided motorways linking Nicosia with Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Agia Napa, while 'B' roads are major undivided highways provided as a rule with verges. At the other end of the grade, 'E' are two-lane country roads while 'F' can mean either a one-lane paved dive or a dirt track fit only for jeep or a geared mountain bike. Much of the F or sub-F roads across the island are single-lane colonial relics covered with a thick layer of asphalt over British cobbles. They are extremely bumpy with sharp edges and are netted in the vast and distant areas, however, in some frequent tourist locations too. Lack of lane markings on E and F roads, and blind corners with no mirrors aggravate the effects of bad local driving.


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