The Tram is viewed universally as more advantageous over other mass transit because it:

  • Is Ecological and enviromental-friendly, since it relies on electrical power and does not emit pollutants
  • Is Reliable thanks to its exclusive tramway that is not hindered by car traffic
  • Aesthetically Upgrades the areas it crosses, with the enhancement of the zones surrounding its rails. The vehicles themselves, with their cutting edge design, provide a modern touch to the city streets. The company caters for the green areas, with tree and shrub planting and conservation of the grassy lanes along the tracks.
  • Provides enhanced Passenger Capacity compared to cars, busses and trolleys.
  • It assimilates to the city rhythms, since it can move equally well on narrow and wide streets, it crosses parks, squares and pedestrian walks, it neighbours archaeological sites and commercial centres and Harmoniously coexists with pedestrians.
  • Is Economical since it requires 1/6 to 1/8 of the cost required for the construction of the underground metro.
athens tram 29
Athens tram14
athens tram 21

Expansion to Pireus:

tram pirea
athens tram 11 athens tram 22
athens tram 13