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The Motor-Roads in Greece constructed in Regions how connected Motorways or other Main-Roads.

The most Motor-Roads constructed in the Regions of Athens and Thessaloniki. A lot Motor-Roads constructed by the Egnatia A.E. and connected the A2 with other Roads and Regions. In the west connected a Motor-Road the A2 with the Greek - Vardarska (FYROM) borders. In the east a Motor-Road connected the A2 with the Greek - Bulgarian border.

A Important Motor-Road is the E.O-6 from Volos to Trikala how connect the two big Citys of Thessalia, Larissa with the Port-City Volos. Later this Road connect the Region withthe new Motorway A5.

Thessaloniki have with the Inner Ring-Road, the Airport-Road, the E.O-2 and some other Roads a lot of this Traffic System.

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